When you choose to work with me, we are bound to share one beautiful experience together. Your wedding!

That day is not only unique for you but also for me. I embed all my passion, my energy and my creativity to each wedding in order to provide you images that You will enjoy for the rest of your life.

In order to have a beautiful result, the important aspect is your vision for that day. Sharing with me your passion about that day, your ideas and every aspect that matters for you, allows me to deliver personalized images made only for you. Images that will travel you back in time and relive that majestic day.

So, if you have any ideas that for your special wedding day, simple or impossible, share them with me. It will be the start of a fairytale shooting.



Being a photographer means to be able to observe. Look at the visible elements of a story and spot the invisible ones, the emotional.

As a person, I am being impressed by emotional responses, a good conversation, the charm of nature, the melody of music, the simplicity of a great painting, the warmth of light, my adorable pets, the love of my sweet wife and a good movie on Cinema.

As a photographer I use these elements to create images. I adore to create images that originate from an idea. Perhaps, your idea.. So, feel free to tell me your ideas, so as for me to be inspired from them and create these images for you, your family and friends on your special day