June 11, 2021

Planning a wedding during the Corona Period could be a bit stressful. The limited number of guests that you allowed to have, the masks in every face, the fear of the possibility…. All this and many more similar negative thoughts can just be stressful for the couple… but not for this one… I met Marino and Maria at the location that we had agreed , in order to have a enjoy an evening walk by the beach, getting know each other a bit more and have some nice photos. Both of them were just cool and happy! No corona-related stress at all, even if the wedding day was almost the next week. This is when I say if you truly love each other then nothing can go wrong. A great positive couple, in a sunset by the beach celebrating their unique bond…

May 31, 2021

A touch of luxury … A touch of Spring … A touch of uniqueness … The calmness! The softness! The feeling of beauty! A dream that just came true… You just reminded yourself that you are unique! There are no words that can deprive this special moment from You. The promise of a great dress…

Designer: Katerina Saakidou
Hair Stylist: Karine Tonian
MakeUp Artist : Amalia Kosmidou - Donna Plus Health Center
Jewelry : Mondjewels
Model : Anna Falmouridou

Location: Ethnological Museum of Thrace

May 27, 2021

After a year inside, we finally feel the softness again. The Softness of the warm sand, the softness of the evening sea breeze, the softness of the happiness that we have when we are together… Just Me & You. Our unique bond. Let’s enjoy this afternoon like when we were children… Let’s dance, sing, run, make photos… Today it's the first day of a wonderful summer. The summer of a year that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Our Wedding Summer.

March 29, 2021

In this locked down, we are all looking for this small opportunity to go out again. To breathe clean air, safe and free. This small story is all about that. Go out, have fun, enjoy loving each other, and feel free. Enjoy a walk-in nature along with Nikos and Eleni. What a lovely couple!!!