Our First Contact

From our first contact to the end of our wonderful photographic journey I will be next you (or your wedding planner) to provide any consultation needed. That means that from our initial meeting or phone call I will listen to your vision and talk about any relative subject. This is one of the most important steps


One day before

Usually at least the day before the wedding, I will observe the location, and inspire from it, in order to find that unique shot, that charming light that highlights your grace. After that I will follow the wedding's day program and if possible meet with you and talk about any last ideas you may have.


On your Wedding day

During your wedding day, I let the story to evolve without interrupting it. I am looking for movement, beauty, style, emotions, colors and sounds that I can discreetly capture. At the family session I am looking for that sweet Mother's smile, the father's tearful eyes and that family photo full of joy and happiness. Images that will pass from generation to generation.

I am using all the elements of your decoration and the location to compose appealing detail shots. I am capturing lots of images from your wedding party to share with them later. At the ceremony it's all about the emotions and the human interactions. Hidden micro expressions in your guest faces that reveal their joy and happiness also. Finally the great reception and an extraordinary party. My goal there is to capture the emotional liberation that arises under the the melodies, the songs and the movement of bodies.


After Wedding day

If you seek to further extend this singular experience of your wedding we can arrange a session at the following's day sunrise, or even a full day trip. An opportunity to create that extra fine art images inspired from your style and love, images worth sharing with your beloved ones, or decorating a wall in your house.