April 13, 2020

Who said that you cannot make a great shooting at your home? Anthi and Theodoros came with a lovely idea of using their terrace in order to make some great couple photoshoots. A small table with two glasses of wine, a small radio box playing music, two summer huts and great energy between them composed some very fashionable and romantic photos in front of an urban landscape and under a glowing summer sunset. And when the dust came, the blue and red colors of the around buildings light up the roof and the roof transformed into a colorful noir schene. A scene that both of them enjoyed up to the first rays of the morning sun.

March 15, 2020

What a wanderful family! And I say family because their litle dog is a part of it! A couple full of energy, humor, a huge hug full of love for each other and ofcourse for their cute lilte dog! enjoy their moments!

February 15, 2020

And then..Summer it is..This playful season with the perfume of sea breeze...the warmth of the sunrays upon the dances... the golden brushes on the sky...the song...the laughter...lost in an eternal hug and two brilliant eyes... trying to keep the essence of summer in your memories and heart [...]