Nikos and Eleni

In this locked down, we are all looking for this small opportunity to go out again. To breathe clean air, safe and free. This small story is all about that. Go out, have fun, enjoy loving each other, and feel free. Enjoy a walk-in nature along with Nikos and Eleni. What a lovely couple!!!

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Winter Bride

When nature decides to put her white dress on, feeling emerges. Maybe these are light echoes of a decrepit existence of our self’s, emerging from a reflection of the soft white snow. A state we that share the joy of nature, we visit her away from our homes, in order just to witness the endless white and just… feel it. It’s purity, it’s glow, it’s softness. Beauty

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Emotional Portraits of the Dancer Katerina Bulieri at her Yoga Studio (Namaste Yoga Studio Alexandroupolis). Dress: Katerina Saakidou MUA: Aimilia Mermikli Hair: Joan's Salon

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Summer love and SUP

Summer, a singular season that everyone treasures in their heart. For its warm sunsets, for its revitalized sea waters, for living new experiences with our beloved ones, for enjoying life together

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Anthi & Thodoros – chic and elegant

When you have already a perfectly organized and accomplished prewedding at Anthi’s terrace you already know that the wedding day will be at least equally superb. This day was also Anthi’s Birthday so two happy circumstances in one gorgeous wedding event. Handmade presents for each of her bridesmaids, lots of dance and alcohol at preparation, an handsome groom and a dazzling bride with lots of smiles during the ceremony (and not only), a vibrant Greek wedding party and a unique urban style after wedding. Enjoy their story

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Demitris & Iris A wedding story at Samothraki island

Have you ever heard the Greek Island "Samothraki"? If you have, you may have also heard that it is like a small paradise on earth. Deep clean blue waters, lots of waterfalls, lots of green but also lots of rock and unique energy that you cannot describe unless you have been there. Iris and Demitris chose this location to have their wedding along with a few friends and family members, due to this beauty and energy of the island. One day at this location seems like a week. It is a destination that I love to visit myself also and in this specific case, I was also a guest at the wedding since the couple is friends of mine.

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Sweet Moments at the terrace

Who said that you cannot make a great shooting at your home? Anthi and Theodoros came with a lovely idea of using their terrace in order to make some great couple photoshoots. A small table with two glasses of wine, a small radio box playing music, two summer huts and great energy between them composed some very fashionable and romantic photos in front of an urban landscape and under a glowing summer sunset. And when the dust came, the blue and red colors of the around buildings light up the roof and the roof transformed into a colorful noir schene. A scene that both of them enjoyed up to the first rays of the morning sun.

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